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Goptions accessible sas error


Some graphics options are supported for specific devices or operating environments only. See the SAS Help facility for SAS/GRAPH or the SAS companion for your operating environment for more information.

Goptions noaccessible sas

You can always submit OPTIONS NONOTES from a program node first thing, and then enjoy a note-free session until next time you restart EG or reconnect to your SAS session.

SAS logs in Enterprise Guide: Where's the beef? - The SAS

Even in proc sql I'm not using noexex then again why getting error. same sql query in executed on hive and it give correct result no syntax error.

To review the current settings of all graphics options, use the GOPTIONS procedure. See The GOPTIONS Procedure for details.

override default values for graphics options that control either graphics attributes or device parameters for a single graph or for an entire SAS session

There isn't a central file that controls this. The options in Tools- Options- Results control which ODS statements are added to the program when you submit. These preferences control the behavior there isn't a config file that you can edit, if that's what you're looking for.

If you are using SAS Enterprise Guide and you want to suppress this GOPTIONS statement, select the option from Tools- Options- Results, Graph panel:

Hi Chris,
I am just curious to know what system file in SAS EG is creating all that fluff in the log and that too each time a program is submitted in EG?Can i locate this file?

Alternatively, you can use RESET=ALL, but it also cancels any global statement definitions in addition to resetting all graphics options to default values.

Do you know of anyway to increase the Project Log notification size so it doesn't prompt you with "The Project log is too big." everytime you run something. I like to keep as much log history as possible but I don't want to save the log then have to clear it each time it gets full. To me 5megs is nothing. If you know a way to increase the default awesome. Thanks.

With the exception of the RESET= option, graphics options can be listed in any order in a GOPTIONS statement. The RESET= option should be the first option in the GOPTIONS statement.


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