How content can be used to create a business’ brand


Building brands, not just views is the vision with which we started out few years back. The idea was to create a competent digital ecosystem that is self-sustaining while growing consistently. And today we can safely say that a decent amalgamation of good content and consistency was the only way that it could have happened and most importantly, sustain.

Content and Consistency cannot exist without each other and a business can’t sustain without the two, and I can’t say that enough. Consistently churning out content has become highly imperative for businesses to connect with their customers directly.

A few years ago traditional marketing methods were confined to outdoor, television and print mediums. Eventually the digital medium emerged as the key player. It is not that intelligent marketing didn’t exist back then; it did and needless to say that the continuous evolution of technology aided the industry to get better at identifying and reaching their relevant target audience. But the digital medium refined the identification of pertinent target groups further and also obstinately fine-tuned the lead generation and even sales conversion.

Nowadays, majority of the audience can sniff a persuasive sales pitch, especially the budding generation who is relatively anti-ad. On the other hand, the paybacks of good content strategies are irrefutable – it can pull your audience towards you, real time information, immediate feedbacks and, above all, sales.

That one thing that the audience today absolutely love to do is to share. So much so that they are even willing to trust strangers over a brand as long as they connect to it and is relatable. A few key points to keep in mind while creating attractive content is to ensure that it is engaging, edifying, interactive, entertaining and appeals to the audience to share it further. But isn’t your consumer laden with choices thanks to everyone including your competitors pushing new material down his throat every day? And even if you manage to stand out from you competitor who is to say that your matter is reaching the right people?

Cultivate individuality – Stand out – Harvest your audience
A young creator makes funny observational sketches, so do all her peers. All of them perform to real life scenarios that everyone goes through adding their own style of comedic inputs to make it more relatable – failing in exams, travelling with friends, fighting with siblings’ etc. Then why does one creator have millions of additional followers compared to the others? This is where individuality takes the cake. Your own uniqueness, your own distinction and your talent to bring emotions out of your audience that go beyond business is what will warrant you to stand out. Each one of us speaks a unique and pertinent language that echoes with our brands’ philosophies and campaign thoughts. The secret is quite open. Stick to their roots and you are relevant. The minute you try to jump away, you may lose the charm in your content.

Why we harp on consistency apart from good content is because experience adds learning and that is possible only with consistency – as and when a business evolves with generating more content they learn more from their journey. Consistency helps bettering your content, reaching out to more people, bring credibility and voice to the business, create an identity as well as trust from your consumers.

Additionally, asking for reviews, feedback and testimonials from them also helps with further growth. It is imperative to take the feedback seriously because being honest, authentic and transparent would help in further enhancing a long term connection. Continue this like a cycle and eventually you will have harvested your audience and revenue will start to build. Bring out the human side of your business and Voila! You have a successful relationship with your audience.

Define your audience – Research – Hit bulls eye
Be it marketing, sales, content creation, recruitment or branding – one common element that has empowered its success is a defined set of audience based on extensive research and the classification of the exact target groups in order to hit the cord. The biggest mistake people tend to make is to misidentify the audience pool of digital content.

If you go wrong here, you have already lost your game. As a creator, you must learn who is consuming your content and whom you are making it for. You can’t be delusional about your audience. Ask them for reviews, feedback, testimonials and you get a way to evolve further. Adapting to criticism constructively may also be one of the pillars of smooth digital content creation and marketing. For our company, we use machine learning and AI in understanding our user behaviours and consumption patterns which when combined with human emotions and judgement aids us in pre-assessing the audiences’ reactions thereby enabling us to do better with our content each time.

Now, your content is sorted, your roots are figured and you have your audience segregated, so how exactly will you reach out to them and build yourself? The digital universe has blessed us with a plethora of platforms. You can reach out to them using those platforms via numerous forms of content like blogs, videos, info graphics, cinema graphs, case studies, e-books, podcasts and social media. It is so important to invest so that you can distribute your content effectively. Promote and optimise your content so that it reaches your TG, shows up on the search engines and if you have created engaging content then you will have your audience raving about you both online and offline.

Review, Review, Review
So, how do you gauge your success and your learning? Review. Your management system should involve an entire cycle of content creation, packaging, publishing, distributing it even further – in our case we distribute it over multiple platforms- and then analyse. Data analysis is a whole new world and the biggest support to your system.

It is well established that digital content is a vital currency of any business in the present day and age. Stories untold and untouched on TV have been reaching the audience hungry of them. The power dynamics in this ecosystem isn’t monopolised. The goal is to build a successful business brand and in today’s scenario, content is inarguably the core contrivance of the business which can fundamentally set you apart from your competition.