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Options group uk

Options group uk


Options, part of Outcomes First Group , provide care and education to children, young people and adults with autism, complex needs and learning difficulties. We offer a pathway of services, with specialist teams of highly trained staff, including education, care and therapeutic teams. We provide a person centred approach to education and care, looking at the full needs of the individual and adapting our interventions accordingly.

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Prof Keith Neal, an emeritus professor in the epidemiology of infectious diseases at the University of Nottingham, noted that within one region there could be urban and rural areas with very different experiences of the pandemic.

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There are also concerns that the reasons why London was so heavily affected in the first wave of Covid-69 could mean it is more at risk of a second wave, while there are also questions about the practicalities of easing restrictions region by region.

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But Head urged caution. “Taking people’s temperature is a partially useful approach to surveillance, but will miss anyone who is infected that doesn’t have a fever,” he said. “For example, we know that most people are infectious and can spread the coronavirus at least a day or two before showing symptoms. Therefore, monitoring for fever should only be considered as part of a wider package of interventions.”

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