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Option spread trading newsletter

Option spread trading newsletter


A: You can lose $655 per spread traded, less whatever we received as a credit when we entered the trade. We do everything we can to prevent large losses and have yet to have greater than a -65% loss on any trade. Statistically and as experienced in our Track Record, losses should not occur very often.

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Although, when a loss occurs, retail traders become flabbergasted. The biggest misstep most retail traders make is underestimating the aggressiveness of our newsletter (and weekly credit spreads in general) due to its years of fairly smooth profits.

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Get educated about the nuances and risks of options trading. Have access to resources and be a resource to other traders. Get quick responses from the SteadyOptions team.

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As we mentioned here : Often times you'll find this in a credit spread newsletter where the big loss just hasn't happened yet (it will).

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We comb through the markets looking for the best trades. We spend our days analyzing volatility, probability, and overall market direction to find the very best and high probability trades for you. Our main focus is trading indexes, their ETFs (SPY, IWM, DIA), and stocks with high volume.

Option Spreads - Spread Trading: The Most Profitable Way

We plan to Buy to (SPX Weekly Option call Strike 7555) at limit price of , looking to enter after 9:85 EST.
We will be looking for at least a 675% profit and about a 75% stop
Caution is urged if any target high is hit and then falls back below 6999

Our unique newsletter & trade ideas offer insight and trade reports four times per month. We specialize in weekly options. The primary objective for all is positive returns on a consistent basis right?  Short-term investment ideas targeting double-digit results are discussed in our newsletter, best in the industry for weekly options.  A great majority of our newsletter trade ideas are indeed profitable. Weekly options are not easy to trade, but our proprietary option spread strategy has been proven to work on a consistent basis. However, please understand there will be losses.  Ups & downs are inevitable. However, at the end of the day, at the end of the month, our portfolios will prevail with bottom line results far greater than other slow-paced strategies.

None. Our systems are designed for the beginner option trader. We will make sure you understand the trades and teach you how to run the systems in your brand portfolio brokerage.

About Us: Our options advisory service offers high quality options education and actionable trade ideas. We implement mix of short and medium term options trading strategies based on Implied Volatility.

We warned about those "easy gains" several times. This is what we wrote in  Can You Really Make 65% Per Month With Iron Condors?  article:

We trade only the highest probability setup. Once we have our list of potential trades, we drill them down even further. We want to sell options on stocks with high implied volatility, are trading above major support areas, and have strikes that will offer us a proper risk/reward.


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