20 organizations offering discounts, giveaways and payment assistance during the government shutdown

Federal government employees, contract workers and other demonstrators march during a "Rally to End the Shutdown" in Washington, U.S., January 10, 2019.

As President Trump continues to spar with Congress over funding for a $5 billion border wall, roughly 800,000 workers are feeling the financial impact of the longest partial government shutdown in history.

In addition to federal government employees and contractors, restaurants and other service providers are taking a shutdown-related hit. Dan Simons, co-founder of the popular D.C. restaurant Founding Farmers, told CNBC that his business has seen a 15 to 30 percent decrease in sales since the holiday season ended due to local workers being more conservative with their spending.

Greg Chin, spokesman for Miami International Airport, told the Associated Press that they’ve had to close a terminal early over the weekend as a result of more security screeners calling out due to no pay. This means that the restaurants and shops in that terminal also had to close.

In an effort to ease the financial burden of workers and to keep business afloat, many restaurants and organizations are providing limited discounts to furloughed employees. Some companies are even offering their products or services for free.

Below are 20 businesses whose discounts, freebies and assistance you should take advantage of if you’re impacted by the current shutdown.